Favourites – Nothing But Thieves 

 This band won me over just under a year ago. I saw them supporting Twin Atlantic and honestly after their performance I was no longer that fussed about Twin Atlantic (despite being a big fan of their music). Like I’ve said before I’m always up for showing enthusiasm towards support acts because you never you may end up finding one of your new favourite bands like I have with these guys. 

Nothing But Thieves are almost completely different to what I usually listen to but I love how they just sounds so….. fresh(?), and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to discover them when they were still a baby band as I’ve watched as they’ve evolved and how they’ve gained popularity really quickly; now they’re supporting massive bands (Muse) and playing festivals (having slight withdrawal symptoms after seeing them play at Reading Festival). I know for a fact that if I hadn’t discovered them when I did and began seeing their name advertised all over the place I would probably not have bothered listening to them and would’ve then been missing out on a truly great band.

So to cut a long story short this band is truly brilliant and I recommend them to anybody. Their song Graveyard Whistling (pictured below) in particular has such a nice sound and rhythm. They also have songs called Trip Switch, Itch and Wake Up Call plus many more great songs AND they also have their debut album coming out next which I’m very excited about as it is followed by a UK tour I got tickets for!  

Ahh I love music!

B xo

P.s: Between you and I, their bassist (the guy on the far right in the photo) is also kind of cute, ha! 😉


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