Here is evidence that after almost a year I have finally found the motivation to draw again.

I was completely put off drawing after studying GCSE Art; the whole being graded on how I drew and being made to draw and paint in a style that wasn’t my own just made me sick of art. I then of course got into photography and became engrossed in that, but I was an art enthusiast first so it kind of saddened me that I lost interest.

Thankfully though after spending two weeks in Florida and getting a much needed break I have now found the enthusiasm to draw and paint again. 

Here is a sketch of Marilyn Manson (this isn’t a very good photo of it); I saw him live while I was in Florida and have since been a little obsessed with his music.

Feels good to be enthusiastic about art again.

B xo 



One thought on “Motivated ”

  1. Nice, suitably moody sketch! I felt much the same way about GCSE Art; I found it painfully prescriptive and restrictive. Good to see it hasn’t done irreparable damage – it took me several years to get back into drawing, but I’m glad I did!


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